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Winds of Change

Winds of Change is our first CD, featuring a mix of Russian and English music.  It is mostly cover songs, ranging from showtunes, like "(How do you solve a problem like) Maria" from Sound of Music, to original work, like "Just Feel".  It was produced entirely in our house.

Due to copyright laws, we are not able to sell these CDs or MP3 recordings (with the exception of "Just Feel"), as they are just cover versions, so we have provided them for free download here, on our site.

1. Ветер Перемен  (Veter Peremen, Winds of Change)

  • Yana Reko on vocals.

2. I Could Have Danced All Night

  • Backing Tracks for this song are difficult to find in good quality, but it was a very often-requested song when Yana was doing the circuits of nursing home performances.  At the time, it was one of her signature songs.
  • Yana Reko on vocals.

3. Summertime

  • Who can resist the tones of Gershwin?  This song is one of Yana's favorites.
  • Yana Reko on vocals.

4. On My Own

  • Eponine's signature song from Les Miserables, Yana's soprano lends itself perfectly to the desperation brought out so strongly in this song.
  • Yana Reko on vocals.

5.  Я Встретил Вас (Ya Fstretil Vas, I met you)

  • This love song is a duet brought with us from our days in MN Choral Theatre.  We felt the worn-in tuning on the piano lent itself to the feel of the song.
  • Yana and Allan Reko on vocals, Yana Reko on piano.

6. (How do you solve a problem like) Maria

  • As with I could have danced all night, this song was a standard of Yana's teenage performance years.
  • Yana Reko on vocals.

7. Something Good

  • Yana and Allan fell in love during a production of "Sound of Music," with Yana playing Maria and Allan playing Capt. Von Trapp, so it is fitting that they both recorded this love song for posterity.
  • Yana and Allan Reko on vocals.

8. Just Feel

  • The only completely original work on this CD, Just Feel was written in joint effort by Allan and Yana.  It started as a finger-picking exercise for Allan's self-taught guitar endeavors.  Words and melody followed, and he then wisely turned the words over to Yana, the wordsmith of the pair.  Yana re-wrote the words to sound good.
  • Allan Reko on vocals, Allan Reko on guitar
  • Guitar Tab in PDF form

9. The Rose

  • Both Allan and Yana love this song, and it was one of the first songs Allan learned to play all the way through on the guitar.
  • Yana Reko on vocals, Allan Reko on guitar.

10. More Than Words

  • This song is a lovely duet, and we have performed this at MN Choral Theatre studio performances several times.
  • Yana and Allan Reko on vocals.

11. Есть Только Миг (Yest Tolka Mig, translation forthcoming)

  • Yana Reko on vocals.

12. The Scotsman Song

  • This somewhat bawdy a Capella drinking song has become the inadvertent signature song of Allan and Yana as a duo and as a couple.  It was the song which, performed atop a picnic table at a birthday party, convinced Yana that Allan should be Captain Von Trapp in her production of Sound of Music.
  • Allan and Yana Reko on vocals.

13. Песенка про Медведей (Pesenka Pro Medvedei, Polar Bears)

  • Yana Reko on vocals.

14. Вернисаж (Vernisazh)

  • This song has been purposefully mis-balanced to bring out the words more clearly.  Yana originally conceived of the idea of producing a CD as an anniversary gift to her parents, and as such, she re-wrote the lyrics to a popular Russian song to chronicle the journey her family took while immigrating to the US from Odessa, Ukraine (then Russia) in 1990.  At some point soon, we will get lyrics posted here.
  • Yana Reko on vocals.

15. Прекрасное Далеко (Prekrasnoye Daleko, Beautiful beyond)

  • Another hauntingly beautiful Russian piece.
  • Yana Reko on vocals, Allan Reko on guitar.

To Download the full CD, click here, use an unpacking program like Winrar to expand it, and burn the ISO file to a blank CD.


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