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MN Choral Theater

MN Choral Theater developed as the brainchild of Albert Grottel, known to almost all who knew him as "Doc."  Able to chastise with a glance, encourage with a grin, and direct with the lift of an eyebrow, he was the director of the secondary choir class for St. Cloud State University, called University Singers.  A genius of vocal development, Doc was able to take in even those self-described as tone deaf and turn them into soloists.  A demanding director, he instilled devotion and persistence in all those who took his class, with some students staying in the "Alumni group" long after graduation, and the choir still performing long after he retired from St. Cloud.  Most university choirs part ways after graduation, with students straying to different cities and moving on to other parts of their life, but Doc's choir had members spanning from Alexandria, to Paynesville, with rehearsals being held in both St. Cloud and Maple Grove every week.  Through the years of MNCT, they were invited on multiple international tours, including China in 1997, Russia in 2000, again to Russia in 2003, and then England in 2005.  The bonds that have brought all of those who participated in his choir together are strong enough that even those who have been out of the choir for years still can remember the songs well enough to sing them on a moments notice at need.  The choir officially has been on hiatus since about 2010, and the Non-Profit corporation that was established for the group long disbanded, but the songs and spirit live on.

There were a few professionally recorded CDs that they produced, as well as recordings of many of the concerts.  As we collect these recordings, we are going to be posting them here, on our site. Please note that where I have the correct Cyrillic spelling, I will label them in Cyrillic and transliteration.  What follows in parenthesis are the common names we would refer to in rehearsal.  Also note that where I know soloists on the songs, I will place them, but as it's been years since I've heard the live renditions of everyone's voices, I may get them wrong.


The CDs:

2001 Collection

1. Богородице Дево (Bogoroditse Devo, Rachmaninoff)

2. Prichastnyi Stix (Chasu Spaseniye)

3. Блажен муж (Blazhe Mush, Kievan Chant)

4. Реченька (Rechenka, Small River, Women's song)

5.  Hungarian Song

6. Однозвучно гремит колокольчик (Odnozvuchno Grimit Kalakolchik - Monotonously Rings the Bell)

  • Yana Reko, Soloist

7. Уж как пал туман (Uzh Kak Pal Tuman, Darozhenku, Small Road)

  • Yana Reko and Bill Lorenz on Duet.

8. Ванка с Танка (Vanka Tanka)


2003 Collection

1. Hodie

2. Узник (Uznik, Prisoner)

3. Ночевала Тучка Золотая (Nachevala Tuchka, Golden Cloud)

4. That Lonesome Road

5. Comin Thru the Rye

6. Here's that Rainy Day

  • Jen Lahmann, Soloist

7. Sunrise Sunset

  • Aaron Lahmann, Soloist
  • Includes Russian 3rd Verse

8. God's Gonna Set That Wold on Fire

9. Dry Bones

10. Amazing Grace


Moscow on the Mississippi Live

  • 2005

1. Оче наш (Otche Nash, Our Father)

2. Prichastnyi Stix (Chasu Spaseniye)

3. Ночевала Тучка Золотая (Nachevala Tuchka, Golden Cloud)

4. Иже херувимы (Izhe Xeruvimy,possibly psalm 133)

5. Marsh Entusiastov (March of the Enthusiasts)

6. Белая Черёмуха (Belaya Cheryomuchka, White Bird Cherry, Pod akhnom)

7. Щедрик (Shedrik, Carol of the Bells)

  • Jen Lahmann, Soloist

8. Lullabye

  • Jen Lahmann and Kristi Curme on descant (I believe)

9. Sound of the Bluebells (Oy Ty Lega)

  • Igor Mikhailenko, Soloist

10. Звать Любовь Не Надо (Zvat Lyubov Ni Nada)

11. Молодежная Песня (Molodyozhnaya Pesnya, Youth Song)

12. Ballad of Don Quixote

13. Роща Золотая (Roscha Zalataya)

  • Aaron Lahmann, Soloist
  • Lev Frayman, Guitarist

14. Нет (Nyet, No I don't want to.)

15. Подмосковные Вечера (Podmoskovniye Vechera, Moscow Nights)

16. Попутная Песня (Poputnaya Pyesnya, Voyage Song)

  • Worth noting is the excellent Pianist, Mila Frayman accompanying us on this challenging song

17. Комар (Kamar, Mosquito)

  • Aaron Lahmann and Brandon Johnson on Duet
  • Doc on the mosquito...

18. Неаполитанская Песня (Neapolitanskaya Pyesnya, Neapolitan Song)

  • This is the version with the words

19. На Далёкой Амазонке (Na Dalyoke Amazonkye)

  • Lev Frayman and Igor Mikhailenko (I believe) on guitar

20. Рио Рита (Rio Rita)

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